Conflict and dispute resolution
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    Bridging the Divide—Settling Disputes in Southeast Wisconsin

    Why mediate?

    Settling disputes through litigation in court can take years and cost thousands of dollars for filing fees, witness fees and attorney fees. Even if you win in court, the losing party might appeal, causing more delay and incurring additional costs. Most mediations can be completed in a day. With the help of a mediator, an agreement can be drafted that will be enforceable in court, if necessary, but normally promotes voluntary compliance so no further court action is required.

    An experienced mediator helps participants negotiate better than they could on their own. A mediator can communicate confidentially with each participant so—

    • they do not leave money on the table and
    • no one gives away the store.

    When it is done right, mediation helps people negotiate intelligently and find their own solutions to legal or business disputes involving—

    • Customers or clients
    • Employees
    • Contractors
    • Service providers and lenders
    • Suppliers and creditors
    • Partners and co-owners
    • Competitors
    • Litigation or arbitration

    An independent, certified mediator helps participants explore all of their options, including resolutions that are not available in court. Litigation and arbitration are win-lose propositions. In mediation, participants can search for win-win outcomes. Disputes can be resolved through mediation at any time before or after litigation or arbitration is commenced.

    Why arbitrate?

    Unlike trials in court, there is no hearsay rule in arbitration. Therefore, evidence and testimony can be presented or summarized in writing or by way of affidavits. Only the most important witnesses need to appear in person. The parties may select arbitrators who have some expertise in the subject of the dispute, so it can take less time and money to educate them, as compared to a judge or jury. The arbitrator’s decision is normally final and binding, so there are no appeals. As a result, it is usually faster and more economical than litigation. Most importantly, if the parties agree, the evidence and results of an arbitration may be kept confidential. If the decision is against you, it does not set a bad precedent that can be used against you by others.

    Arbitration may be your best option when your primary concerns are:

    • keeping your business disputes out of the public eye and
    • avoiding appeals and bad precedents. 

    Michael Pollack has represented parties in arbitration and has served as an arbitrator. He knows that you are not in business to litigate. He will abide by your agreement to arbitrate, read and hear your evidence, and give you a prompt and definitive decision in writing so that you can get on with your usual business and your life. His independence and impartiality make him the perfect neutral to arbitrate most civil disputes.

    Doing mediation and arbitration right in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and southeast Wisconsin

    Michael Pollack has the training and experience to help you resolve your conflicts and disputes. He has been certified as a Circuit Civil Mediator by the Supreme Court of Florida. Contact him today to see how he can help you resolve your legal problems, without draining you of your most precious resources – time, money and peace of mind.

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