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Good idea, glad I thought of it

About 5 years ago, my wife and I had some friends over for dinner, and my sister-in-law from Southern California was there as well. We mentioned that our niece (the sister-in-law’s daughter) had just graduated from college and that our friends had a son who had recently moved out there to go to grad school. We thought they might make a good match and asked if they would like to be fixed up. Our friends said that if it came from his parents, their son would have nothing to do with it. So we dropped it.

About 8 or 9 months later, we found out that our niece had begun dating a guy she met through the internet. And so had our friend’s son. Sure enough, they found each other through an electronic Yenta the Matchmaker. When it became their idea, it was a good one. Last summer, we attended their wedding. 

Yesterday, I heard a report on NPR reminding us that Republican opposition to health care reform in the 1990s (Hillary-care) resulted in a Republican sponsored proposal for mandatory health insurance, which the Democrats opposed. Now, Republicans oppose the Democratic health care proposals (Obama-care) because they mandate health insurance coverage for everyone. It seems that neither party thinks this is a good idea unless it is their own. Sounds familiar.

When I try a case or mediate a dispute, I try to plant seeds and let the jury or the parties think that they came up with the ultimate resolution. If the verdict is favorable or the settlement is something everyone can live with, I don’t care whose idea it was. Ego has no place in this business. It’s a shame that politicians can’t say the same thing.